Wednesday 24 September 2014

Today we had a table top exhibition with experts we invited to come and help us gets new thoughts on our projects. The feedbacks I got were very interesting and Dan Fardell, the expert I brought, was a huge help in finding a way to get my ideas back into Graphic Design and give me tips on what experiments I could do next.

What is very interesting about this day is how much my project had narrowed down and focused a lot on scars. I haven’t spoke much about tattoos or ageing as big part of the project but more as subjects around the scars.

Dan gave me this amazing idea of making prints of the scars by inking the skin and trying different tools as acrylic plate to try and see if it can make some texture on paper and if the shapes of the scars are standing out. Also another idea was to print the shapes of the scars on one part of the body, as the hand for example, and put them as it could be found on the body part but onto the paper and do several layers of them with different technics, like embossing, debossing, acrylic plate, pictures etc. I want to try to find different technics to make visuals of several scars and play around with the shapes to make some interesting visuals, and see where it leads me. Cat gave me this idea of zooming in the shapes and leads the curiosity of the spectator to wonder what it is until seeing the whole shape and where it comes from. Anyway, my sketch book is full of ideas and sketches. I have to get started on trying them out now.


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